Dear ladies and gentlemen, never believe what is written. Here’s how you will see a game that directly screams something in the spirit of “adventure, adventure!” - spit in her eyes. It’s not an adventure, but the most ordinary arcade game with some adventure raid and a couple of symbolic puzzles. At least for Adam's Venture: The Search for the Lost Garden, this statement is true. Play best friv games this site juegos friv online games.

Developers from Vertigo Games succumbed to several fashion trends of recent years. Firstly, Adam's Venture's storyline is initially broken down into episodes - hello for Telltale. Secondly, we again observe “something at the junction” of various genres. Well, well, all the advanced developers already know that clean arcade games and quests become boring to the players. The players themselves may not be aware, but who will ask them.

Archaeological relapse For a long time we did not accompany brave archaeologists on trips to the center of the earth / to the Egyptian pyramids / for the treasures of the Templars / to visit Lucifer (underline what you liked). A never-beaten and completely un-traveled topic lurks us around the corner again. The main character, along with his useless workmate Evelyn and obviously the “left” professor, is looking for paradise. The real Eden is the one from which some Adam and Eve had already been kicked out for a brawl. Searches lead our adventurer to mysterious gates. Naturally locked up. To open the door, you need to collect seven fragments of an uncomplicated puzzle, and for this you will have to wander through gloomy caves, recall quotes from the Bible and outwit the dark forces that follow the path of an uninvited guest.

As you can see, the plot is completely original. Everything in it is harmonious - and a hefty gate, which no humanoid has yet come across, and the easiest puzzles instead of normal barn locks, and the classic set of "auxiliary heroes". By the way, neither the professor of unknown sciences, nor the girl are at all eager to run after Adam and help him with the dangers of the cave. Because the functions of the "associates" are different. The beauty must build her eyes and, on occasion, be an innocent victim. And the scientist’s unseemly intentions are generally shown to us from the first minute, so everyone except the hero himself and his girlfriend perfectly understands who is our Main Traitor.

Yes, I have to admit: the opening part of the game looks awful due to fresh dialogue, stilted characters and the obviousness of the situation. However, from the moment when Adam is left alone with the cave, waterfalls and traps, we suddenly begin to feel some interest in what is happening. Dark transitions, a hero with a torch in his hand, mysterious voices - priests, but here, it turns out, there is an atmosphere! Which is very sudden.

So you have to eat this atmosphere with spoons for lack of gameplay. Judging by the complexity of the tasks, Mr. Adventure would have completely dealt with all his affairs on his own. Most of the time we just make our way along various nooks, bridges and crevices. It’s rare when you need to bend down and crawl under the low arch of the next grotto, even less often you have to jump over the abyss. So there is no hint of a full-fledged arcade here.

The adventure part looks even stranger. It seems that the developers were counting on an audience consisting of alternatively gifted religious fanatics. In the end, you can assemble a biblical quote from spinning discs on a pillar with a simple selection. And it is not necessary for this to run to the highest original in order to urgently refresh your knowledge. A normal person usually understands where the beginning of the phrase, and where the end. And even if not, each verse is divided into only three fragments. There are not many options for error.

There are also light and musical puzzles. In complexity, they are quite comparable with orienteering in three-terrain terrain. The most difficult kind of "puzzles" is running around for a while. She is also the most boring.
Overseas developers have recently begun to allow themselves anything - they cram their creation with abstruse quotes from anywhere, or torture poor localizers with an indescribable ... oh, excuse me, an untranslatable pun. Here's how to order to decrypt for the Russian ear the name of today's object - Adam's Venture: The Search for the Lost Garden?

It is not surprising that the specialists from the New Disc transformed poor Adam into Ed Ventura, thereby giving the protagonist a phonetic resemblance to the unforgettable detective Ace Ventura performed by Jim Carrey . Freshly baked namesakes are not only not twins, but not even relatives.

We understand that Adam is no Ed, if only because the adventure encrypted in the name is not the only "personalized" surprise from the developers. It is no coincidence, after all, that the hero’s girlfriend is Evelyn, not Mary or Betty.

It seems that before starting to create their incorruptible, the creators from Vertigo Studios studied for a long time and carefully all the signs of a good game. Probably someone told them that adventure should certainly be easy and unpretentious. And another evil genius, perhaps, assured that in this masterpiece "Easter eggs" are obligatory. Developers are a responsible people. Do you want "eggs"? You have them! As a result, chests with rotten surprises are scattered throughout the cave. Of course, they stand in the most prominent places, and even illuminated by flickering lights. Inside are wise sayings that give us an additional clue. In case we can’t get our bearings in three pines on our own.

But the caves look colorful. Here are the usual ominous corridors, lit only by torches, and waterfalls, and absolutely fantastic blue crystals on the walls. Right next to it are rusted elevators and bridges, trolleys of obviously man-made origin. There is no symbolism: images of lions and snakes on the doors, a “singing” wind. And life would be beautiful if not for the people. The figures of characters are very angular, the movements are too awkward. Maybe it was better to make a protected zone out of the paradise dressing room?

After passing, there are many questions for developers. Perhaps the most important one - why make another bad archaeological epic, if on the basis of the existing material it was possible to create quite a good first-person horror? Why so rude to destroy the finished atmosphere with your own mistakes? Nightmare dialogs, ugly models of heroes, a completely standard introductory ... And the creators of Adam's Venture will never get into a paradise for developers, where profits are in the billions, and crowds of fans dream of an autograph.

Pros: nice atmosphere; colorful cave landscapes.
Cons: template plot; stamped characters; no dialogs; Too simple puzzles.