I caught myself thinking that I was going to write the fourth material in a row about additions. In April, apparently, some mushroom rains were coming, but because the games began to grow up and please us with addons. In this article, we’ll talk about the innovations that Clash introduced in Order of War .

Unlike the previous “additions” to the strategies that we talked about, “Collision” is an exclusively multi-user project. Not a single single mission appeared; the developers did not touch the original campaign either. But on the other hand, they plowed the network mode strongly.

But first, remember what the multiplayer looked like in the original. In comparison, the network mode of Order of War was reminiscent of Total War.. All soldiers are connected in detachments, there is one big map and you need to kill each other on it. Only in the project on World War II was the task not only to kill the enemy’s troops, but to capture all control points and squeeze out the enemy.

So it was in the original. But what has changed in the supplement?

The first thing the developers did was come up with more modes. And this is wonderful, because in strategies such as Order of War , various types of fights are simply necessary. We don’t have a base building. There are only battles. And this is akin to games like Modern Warfare 2 , and they are decorated with all sorts of "bombs", "headquarters", "superiority" and more.

The first new mode is Headquarters. In fact, this is the same struggle for strategic points. Only now the one who captures the main position of the enemy wins. Hence, a few other tactics. For example, you can dominate the entire map and quickly devour points one by one. And the enemy will quietly accumulate points, drop troops near your base, and then let heavy tanks go there. And you seem to be stronger - if you gather the whole army in one fist and how you kill it, then you will have all the teeth loose at the impudent dare to attack. But you do not have time and lose.

Although, of course, most often, users prefer this mode as a “position capture” with pepper. They act in the same way as there, only there is a chance to suddenly be defeated.

The next mode is “Replenishment”. Here, too, there are control points, but all of them are exactly in the middle of the map. And they are captured only once. They took the right position - it disappeared. And you counted one point. As a result, the one who turned out to be quicker wins.

But that's not all. The fact is that in “Replenishment” one cannot call for reinforcements. Before the battle, you are given a certain number of points, and you complete the army on them. Everything that remains after the final countdown can only be spent on landing and bombing. And if at the very beginning you were caught in such a way that almost the entire army was killed, then write “gg” in the chat and give up. You won’t do anything.

This mode is now very popular. It is dynamic, complex and interesting. Already only before the battle will have to answer a dozen questions. What to do at the very beginning? You can go all the way to the center, and only then hit the flanks. But the middle of the map is just one point. The enemy can simply launch many fast tanks in different directions and easily defeat. Then we will try to single out each position for the detachment. But what if the enemy makes counter-fighters on all of our units? We go on the left with quick armored vehicles, and he catches us with infantry with rocket launchers. We are trying to knock out soldiers with anti-aircraft guns that hit the ground, so he launches tanks at us.

In other modes, you also have to face such problems, but there you can always make a mistake. Well, they didn’t take the point - and okay. We’ll go around from the flank, bring artillery, call the bombers, they will turn the position into a fraternal cemetery. And even if you are defeated, you can always cunningly gather troops and make a breakthrough. But in “Replenishment” it’s impossible. One mistake - and only fifteen seconds remain to fix it.

Perhaps due to such dynamics, this mode is also loved. In addition, you can play it two by two, and then the battles become a little less hasty and more tactical. Play online games at the best friv 2 games http://www.friv2online.com website.

The next one on the list is “Quick Battle”. Here, a ready-made army is initially given, it remains only to destroy the enemy. Of the tactical buns, one thing can be noted: as in Replenishment, here all the key points are in the center, but whoever captures them does not win. He just gets all sorts of goodies like airstrike.

In fact, I personally like this mode the least. You can’t pick up an interesting combination of troops, it’s forbidden to add an army and use tactical tricks during the battle. Here we have three groups of units, and we’ll have to bother with them. Go on the attack, try to defend yourself or use tricks that are practically nonexistent.

Although, of course, for someone it is even an ideal option. You do not need to make up your own set of units. To be afraid of some unnecessary tricks from the enemy will not be necessary either. The fight. Just a fight. Almost like in historical battles from Total War . Only without any special position on the map.

The next new mode is already for playing against the computer, but with a real partner. The classic "survival", when you and a friend need to hold out against a constantly advancing enemy. There is no time limit and you can set records who held back enemy attacks longer.

This part is not so serious anymore, it is “just for fun”. Although, of course, if you and your friend decided to seriously fight for a place in the top, you will have to sweat. Just imagine how your last soldiers in the trenches, exhausted and tired, could barely throw grenades at the tanks, as they retreat a little back to hold on for another second, at least one ... And how do you shout to a comrade to cover you, so that he abandoned his troops to defend yours, for all the same there is no sense from him, and you will drag the party!

Yes, all this diversifiesOrder of War . And allows you to take a break from classic duels. After all, a completely different gameplay is here. Other tasks and requirements.

However, this is not all with regard to the new regimes. After all, there are still group fights. And in them you can fight in the same way as in the "one on one". Only if you put the match on several people, then there is still the possibility of battles "each for himself." Also a curious thing, although, of course, a little crazy. Too much action and confusion.

In addition to the modes, of course, the developers added just a lot of new things to the gameplay. But of the major innovations - only one. There was a fog of war. And now it’s hard to say whether this was of benefit to Order of War , or whether it has become somewhat more primitive.

On the one hand, it’s cool, of course, that you can do something quietly and expose the steps to the opponent. But on the other hand, there isno good intelligence systemin Order of War . And you can only guess what the enemy is doing with the clumsy method - stupidly let mobile squads die or order air strikes.

In addition, it used to be like playing chess. You see the actions of the enemy, he is yours. But who turned out to be smarter, women love him. Now, one often has to find out which army an opponent has only after it starts firing at us.

In general, the system, as for me, is underdeveloped. After all, Order of War was originally developed without the fog of war, and now it has not been possible to rebuild it for it. But the great thing is that this chip is optional. It can be turned off. They removed the corresponding checkmark in the lobby, and happiness again lights up our faces, and the enemy waves us a pen and shows how cute and relaxed he captures the points.

As for minor edits, they almost completely relate to balance, accrual of experience, and so on and so forth. It makes no sense to single out something separately.

The addition turned out to be very interesting. New modes, bug fixes and a huge number of players online. The original Order of War has changed tremendously, so now it’s just impossible to fight in the old multiplayer. Yes, it is not necessary. Anyone who has the full version of the strategy will receive a “Clash” for free. For the rest, I suggest seriously thinking about acquiring this blessing.

Pros: a large number of interesting modes; almost unique tactical and strategic battles; The supplement is free for those who have the original.
Cons: ambiguous fog of war; There are fears that after this addition, developers will not really support the game more and will not.