Elijah wondered how the previous owner could just let it go. It was the most wonderful house he had ever seen, and could not imagine why anyone would want to move out. The producer said the guy "disappeared." The police no doubt explained that there was no burglary or evidence of a fight, so it is assumed that the guy left the apartment. Yes, Elijah had no idea, but he was not going to complain. He carefully walked down the cold stairs, holding onto the railing, descending into the darkness. The steel was smooth and durable, not a single scratch or vibration during his journey

Having reached the bottom, he saw almost nothing, because the light from the hall here could no longer reach. After a few seconds, he came across a switch and quickly turned it on. It was a small, isolated room, in front of him was only a red door. An ominous tremor ran through his spine, but he quickly pulled himself together and headed for the doorknob. The door seemed to invite him in his own way, the thought throbbing in his head even longer than he realized. Quiet sounds emanated from the room; beautiful, echoing sounds. These were the sounds that came from some string instrument.

- Probably someone left the radio on, he thought, and suddenly realized that he had not heard anything so beautiful on the radio for 10 years. Stunned by the desire to know the source of the sound, he moved more confidently toward the door. A golden shiny pen was waiting for him, he slowly pressed it. Suddenly it occurred to him that someone could be inside and play an instrument, and he burst inside like an animal.

It was the best finished and equipped studio he had ever seen. The most expensive microphones, tables, computers. Moving guests should have missed this room. Otherwise, they would have taken everything. Elijah estimated that the equipment here should cost tens of thousands of dollars.

After a moment of thought and admiration, he quickly remembered why he had come here, and was surprised that the music had stopped. The room was empty.

"Dude, I think he is bouncing you ...", he scolded himself in thoughts, then went to the equipment. To his surprise, the studio was still recording, as if the previous owner simply got up and left, leaving everything turned on. Elijah swirled among the studio equipment with incredible professionalism, many years of experience allowed him to master hundreds of buttons and switches. Disabled recording. Later, he decided to do more and try to find out why the previous owner left so quickly, but at the same time something else attracted his attention, completely knocking him out of his thoughts. Speak on video chat when it is convenient and necessary for you! New word "chat": what's the point? Choose video chat and chat! Dear guests, we present to Your attention girl cams in which You can chat with strangers. On this site You will find the most popular video chats of Ukraine, Russia, USA, Germany, France and other countries.