To replenish your energy reserve, recharge and be more alert, we recommend using the following technique. Stand by the open window and stretch your arms out to the sides. Take a deep breath for a count of five. Then exhale deeply for a count of ten. Repeat this exercise ten times.
This exercise can be done while sitting on a chair or while walking. Strive to keep your breathing rhythmic. It is enough to do the exercise once a day, but if you manage to do it twice or three times, the result will be even better. After a month, you can add the following exercise. Sit up straight with your head up, your ankles together, and your hands close to your knees. Take a deep breath through your nose for a count of eight. Retain air in your lungs for twelve counts. Exhaling through your nose, count to ten. As you inhale and exhale, direct the air to where the nasal cavity meets the pharynx. Feel vibration in this place. Repeat the exercise five times. Do it three times a day.
After practicing the above exercises for several weeks, check your energy level: spread your palms, and then bring them back to each other, but so that they do not touch. Cup your palms so that each finger of one hand is next to the corresponding finger of the other. The distance between the palms should be about one and a half centimeters. You will feel the energy vibrate at your fingertips. In a dark room, you can even see a bluish haze between your palms - this is your psychic, or spiritual, energy.
Once you have mastered the methods of receiving, maintaining and restoring psychic, or spiritual, energy, you can begin to focus your mind and direct your thoughts to the higher energy centers, or chakras, located in the head, throat and heart. If you connect these three energy centers together, they turn into a triangle of psychic power. The solar plexus energy center is located between the higher and lower energy centers. The lower energy centers are located in the stomach, genitals and at the base of the spine.
If you are encouraged by your success, you can add a mantra to your practice, such as chanting the sound of Om. This sound, together with the visualization of the color scale, will stimulate the activity of your higher energy centers.
As you master the proposed technique, you will begin to change. In particular, you will become familiar with the thoughts of other people. First, you decide that these are your own thoughts. You may be able to hear a voice saying your name. This means that higher spiritual beings are watching over your progress. Some of them can become your spiritual guide or spiritual guide.
For its greater effectiveness, this technique includes working with color, which strengthens the higher energy centers.
Heart: Focus on your heart. Imagine that it is bathed in a pink cloud. Inhale for a count of seven. Hold your breath for a count of ten and continue to focus on your heart. Exhale for a count of seven and imagine the pink cloud enveloping your head. Hold your breath for a count of ten and imagine the pink cloud enveloping your body.
Throat: Imagine a blue cloud that envelops your throat. Inhale for a count of seven. Hold your breath for a count of ten while continuing to focus on your throat. Exhale for a count of seven and imagine the blue cloud enveloping your head. Hold your breath for a count of ten and imagine a blue cloud enveloping your entire body.
Head: Inhale for a count of seven and visualize a white cloud enveloping your pituitary gland, located between your eyes in the center of your head. Hold your breath, counting to ten and imagining how a white cloud envelops, in addition to the pituitary gland, also the pineal gland. The pineal gland is located slightly above the pituitary gland, very close to it. Exhale for a count of seven and imagine a white cloud enveloping your entire head. Hold your breath for a count of ten and visualize your entire body sinking into a white cloud. Say the sound Om three times. Get up and get busy without thinking about the results of the exercise.
With the help of these exercises, you will achieve significant success in developing your higher energy centers and gain access to inexhaustible sources of psychic, or spiritual, energy.
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