Remember the screams of the Command & Conquer fans when the third installment came out? “Kane is back, Kane is back! Glory to Kane! ” But, alas, he did not stay with us for so long. The last part of the great strategy is already on the shelves, and now everyone is sadly repeating: “Kane has gone forever, Kane will not be back ...” That's just what caused this sadness - the longing for the outgoing RTS, which has been with us for so many years, or the quality of the game itself?

Revolutions sometimes occur. No way without them. The familiar genre is changing, the series are changing, and the developers are also becoming different. And therefore often the familiar turns into something completely new. And this is not always immediately delightful. Remember how many screams rose when Dawn of War 2ceased to be a classic RTS? The players, having just got into the beta, wrote that this was a joke. In Relic , apparently, they decided to play everyone, and therefore eliminated the construction of the base, but then they will definitely return it.

Not returned. And the guys from Electronic Arts, too, were not going to do this after the "beta". As we wrote earlier, more Command & Conquer 4 is not RTS. This is a real-time tactic. No base, no construction. And the only thing we can create besides the army is the assembly shop itself. And he, by the way, is of three classes: attacking, defending or supporting. A set of troops, skills, tactics and battle strategy will depend on the direction.

And as soon as you have decided on the class and ordered a mobile MSC, you can immediately rivet the fighters. Almost any. No need to build barracks, then provide them with electricity, order storages, bring potable water to the workers and give them lunch breaks. There is no such thing here. However, even the usual, most familiar “money” or “resources” in Tiberian Twilight can no longer be found. The only thing that limits us is the limit of troops on the map. And how often you will lose fighters - it does not matter. At least three seconds after the construction, send everyone to death - nothing bad will happen. Create new ones. Just have to wait a bit until they are built. This is the only punishment.

The second feature is the presence of a mobile assembly shop. The factory that produces the troops does not stand still. He walks. Rides. Or flies. And this is a very competent and interesting move.

In regular RTS, how does the battle in the campaign go? We appear at the MSC, begin to develop there, build a base for fifteen minutes, and then order thousands of tanks / planes / ships and move forward. Or the enemy comes to defeat us. But we always sit at one point and drag troops from the beginning of the map to the end. And this, remember, is not very exciting ...

Here we are not tied to one place. And therefore, purely theoretically, missions should be made much more interesting. You can first go to help the Allies repel the attack, then run after the enemy's assembly shop, then save some hostages. This is much more dynamic. Play best Y8 Games at the this website.

Plus greatly diversifies the gameplay and division into classes. We choose an attack, and then we have tanks, heavy equipment, huge combat vehicles in the kit. Support specializes in aviation. She even MSC flies. And because the levels are a little different. We don’t have to go around rocks, we don’t have to make circles. Always moving straight. The third class can build defensive turrets, create protective barriers and produce foot soldiers.

Moreover, in one battle, we can change specialization several times. You can even combine the troops. One MSC was blown up, another was built, and all the soldiers that released the previous assembly shop remained.

Well, in order to preserve the element of "development during the battle", as it happens in RTS, when we first build only simple soldiers and then move on to incredibly powerful soldiers, the developers introduced a system of recruiting "strength". We kill the enemy, capture the Tiberium, raise the toilet seat behind us and we are awarded for this.

So immediately kick the game and mock it because it is no longer RTS - there is no need. The developers, in principle, came up with a good idea. She is viable.

However, like all revolutionary ideas. Who in 1917 would talk about how fun it would be to live in the country already in 1937? But what is the essence of any revolution? In making life better, more interesting, happier. Therefore, it is logical to assume that the fourth part should strongly transform the series. Well, check it out.

But for some reason, Command & Conquer 4 meets us not with something innovative, but with old, unkind escort missions that no one ever liked. We have not yet been born, and players on programmable calculators have already cursed the pixels that we had to protect and defend with a selective math. But from year to year, one or the other developer decides once again to demonstrate to everyone such a fascinating task ...

Here in Tiberian Twilightwe need to escort the buses with refugees. Moreover, drivers at the wheel are very philosophical about life. Now she is, in five seconds - no. Why then try and steer when you can count the raven, while crazy fanatics throw Molotov cocktails at you? And if he just press the pedal and move at least a meter, like everyone else - they will not get into him. But for some reason he is slowing down and waiting for us. Like, stop Cyril, kill enemy tanks and planes, this will not cleanse your karma. Better run to our country of clinical idiots, stand under a hail of bullets hand in hand ...

Or another similar mission (oh yes, it’s not alone here - EA decided in the last Command & Conquercome off in full). We save the refugees again. Three buses are coming, planes, infantry, and tanks attacking them from all sides. We need to take a hit on ourselves and not let these fragile boxes turn into hot cakes stuffed with people. We fight, lose troops, abundantly scold developers, but still carry out the task!

But set aside exclamation marks. “3 out of 11 saved” lights up on the screen. And at the other end of the map, damned refugees reappear. Moreover, our army has already been battered, we need to deploy the MSC, wait five minutes when new units are produced, and during this time the enemy will break all the buses ... But wait, wait, it's too early to run to the store and buy this wonderful game for yourself! I just started to tell, this is not the most interesting.

From escort missions go to the most standard. They give us the task - to destroy the enemy mobile plant. We select a support class, build seven bombers, three repair airplanes and rush into battle. First, we interrupt any small riffraff, we wet some, then others. Fifteen minutes later, the climax of the battle. Duel against enemy air defense, which endlessly crawl out of the MSC.

The battle lasts five minutes, then another five, then another ten, but is not going to end. We cannot destroy the assembly shop, because if the enemy releases a lot of air defense, our aircraft begin to quickly lose their armor and die, and therefore it is necessary to constantly kill every leaving machine. The enemy is not able to defeat, because the repairmen are constantly restoring themselves and the bombers. As a result, only once every fifteen seconds we give several salvos at the MSC, and then again and again we destroy the enemy’s troops. Do you have forty minutes to spare? Then be sure to devote yourself to this most exciting activity. It's so interesting!

Do you know what else is interesting? Observe the behavior of the troops. For example, you were lucky again with a mission where you just have to slaughter the enemy for half an hour, and you, in fact, have already passed half the way. A little sweaty, reminded the relatives of the developers and suddenly you notice that the repairmen suddenly began to treat not the sickest comrade and not the one who receives the most damage, but almost a completely living ally. And that's it, let's run and start again.

It's great when half of your tanks shoots at an enemy standing nearby, and the rest of the troops mysteriously look into the ghostly distance. And they do nothing. So you have to force everyone to fight from time to time. And in the heat of battle still figure out who shoots and who is immersed in the world of dreams. What, do not such riddles give the Epilogue fascination?