When we say Modern Abaya, we are not talking about the typical modern away that most women wear today. If you believe the term as referring to a blazer or a dress, rest assured that was not the intended meaning. The intended meaning of the term is a loose-fit abaya, which is traditionally worn in Muslim cultures and is often referred to as the abaya scarf. The original traditional abaya is quite similar to a long-sleeved shirt or a jacket, with long pants and long shawls. It is typically worn in winter as a sort of traditional protective clothing. But while it may have started out that way, the modern abaya has evolved into a far more fashionable garment.

One of the main reasons the modern abaya has transformed into a trendy fashion staple is rooted in necessity. It has been argued by many Islamic scholars that wearing a typical abaya in the sense of a long-sleeved shirt or a sleeveless black dress was considered to be immodest. Wearing such clothing was viewed as immodest by most conservative Muslims. However, since the advent of the clothing industry and globalization, this view has undergone a sea change. Nowadays, the modern abaya dress is considered to be very modest and is worn by many modest women who want to make a fashion statement without being compromised on their religion or values.

Modern Abaya

Another reason for the modernisation of the abaya is rooted in economics. Traditional abayas made of loose tunic-like materials were expensive and not cheap to purchase. They were also difficult to transport and not very convenient to use as transportation options. Plus, the colours of the Arabian Arab emirates varied so much that when you mention the word "abaya" in any local dialect, it could mean two different things. Therefore, many rural women who wanted to wear an abaya that would blend in with their customary attire decided to opt for the ready-made outfits available in the market today.

This led to the second major transformation - the increased interest and demand for stylish and elegant outfits that did not require a woman to carry bulky and heavy abayas. This is largely attributed to the fact that in the wake of the Arab Spring uprisings, many women decided to ditch their traditional clothing and opt for trendy outfits in trendy styles. Thanks to the efforts of Islamic fashion designers, the world has now witnessed the first collection of fashionable abayas in many years.

In the market today, you can find a wide range of modern abayas with numerous designs, patterns and embroideries. You have the option of wearing abayas that are open in the chest or those that are closed on the back. There are designs that come with long sleeves, pouches, zippers, lace and even sleeveless styles. However, the most popular among these designs is the one that is open in the front but closes in the back. Known as the loose away, this type of design is widely worn by women throughout the Muslim world.

Some of the most popular designs of bays that can be worn by Western women include those that are floral, demure, simple, classic, printed, asymmetrical, solid coloured and striped. There are abayas with long flowing sleeves or those that come with spaghetti straps. You can also choose from an extensive range of exquisite embellishments that are added on to these garments. Among the most popular embellishments that are used on the modern away are embroideries, laces, sequins, beads and even mirror embellishments. These embellishments give the abaya a contemporary feel. Another trend that is here today is that of coloured abayas.

The most popular colours that are being used to dress up these dresses include those that are based on the traditional colour palette of black and white. However, Arabian designers have also infused more colours into this garment and thus it is available in shades of blue, red, yellow, green, purple, orange, brown, cream, eggshell, peach, honey and even black and grey. These shades, coupled with prints, embroideries, and beadwork add to the beauty of the bay and make it even more stylish than ever.

Unlike the traditional abayas that have to be worn on the head, nowadays, women can wear their away outside their home in a glamorous and chic manner. This is possible because these dresses are now available in different styles and designs. In fact, you can now find some fashion boutiques that are offering these dresses for women with capacious sizes. Whether you opt for a simple or a glamorous design, it is important that you choose one that will go well with your own personal style. You can choose between open and closed bays as per your own convenience and preference.