A grandiose epic based on the biblical legend, a film with many famous actors, real action and the opportunity to take a good walk, because the subject allows it. All this turned around naked when I went to the cinema to watch the film “Noah.” Frankly, the trailer for the film “Noah”, which I saw about a couple of months ago, impressed me in the cinema. I definitely decided that this project should be seen on the big screen, so as soon as such an opportunity appeared, I immediately went to the cinema. And you know, I'm disappointed. And this is not at all the fault of expectations, which I did my best to pacify before watching. It's just that the film is rather weak, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to say something more specific about impressions. Weaknesses and things that I was not happy with were much more positive. That is why this review will be based on a list of those facts that I assess as unsuccessful for this project.

The first moment, and probably the most important one, is the grandeur of what is happening. Everyone knows the story of the Flood as the punishment of heaven. And here was where to roam. The creators could well realize the spectacular scenes of the flood, as waves sweep the planet, taking with them hundreds of lives. In the spirit of spectacular apocalyptic films - well, you understand me! In fact, out of 138 minutes, the flood itself and its power were demonstrated by the force of 10 minutes, no more. And this, probably, we should have considered the most spectacular moment. Of course, there is an alternative - some guards, but it turned out even worse with them, which I consider the second negative point. Guys, what kind of guards? This is not “The Lord of the Rings,” but it was from this tape of wooden giants that the “guards” reminded me. Only those were of wood, and these of stone. Still, the film has a religious component, why invent some freaks, turning the biblical motive into something incomprehensible? Personally, it even made me a little angry, but I won’t even talk about disappointment. I planned to see something more real.

Further. Noah was turned into some kind of martial artist, destroying everyone left and right, like king Leonidas from the picture “300 Spartans”. Once again, I want to recall the biblical orientation - nevertheless, it is a religion, so why is God's chosen one so cruel? I think it was possible to do without scenes of violence, where Noah demonstrates the skills of killing people. But, I admit, I liked the image of Ray Winston - the villain Tubal-Cain turned out to be cool! This is probably what I liked most from the meager list of the strengths of the movie Noah.

One more remark. Many consider Russell Crowe a super actor, who has counted many cool films. And after watching the picture "Noah" I decided to count, but how many tapes can be selected with the participation of Crowe? Gladiator is certainly a landmark project. "Gangster" is also an excellent film, where Russell played. "Mind Games" - yes, of course. And what else? The rest, to put it mildly, is not impressive, especially recently. An example is Robin Hood, and now also Noah. As for the other actors who played in the film, I can not say anything special. Well, yes, there is the famous Anthony Hopkins, familiar from some films Jennifer Connelly and even Hermione! It’s a pity to Emma Watson, because she, like a warrant officer Shmatko, has become a hostage to one role ...

Noah In general, I admit, the film "Noah" is not something that did not impress me, I was completely disappointed. Expected clearly more, moreover, in several aspects at once. It is a pity that he again fell victim to a well-made trailer and a loud headline of biblical proportions. I hope that the trailer for the second film, seen on the same day, will not be disappointment after watching the picture. I mean the project "Godzila", which starts in May this year. https://australiacasinoonline.com