One of the main accessories in the bathroom, which carries a huge practical load, is a faucet. The number of their models, differing in the principle of functioning and appearance, is incredibly large on the market. To make the right choice, you must clearly understand how the product will be used. The main thing is that the mixer can supply hot water safely and with the pressure that the owner needs.

Varieties of Mixers for Purpose

Instead of paying attention primarily to the design of the mixer, it is better to think about what its functional features are. In addition, the quality of the material is also of great importance. The best option is to purchase separate faucets for each element of the plumbing, designed to install such a product: bath, sink, bidet, shower. This is explained by the fact that universal mixers deteriorate very quickly.

Depending on what it is necessary to install the mixer on, it can have its own design features. For example, models for the shower are characterized by the fact that they do not have a spout. They are devoid of a switch: water flows only into the shower, where it mixes. The bath mixer has a spout that can be swivel and fixed. There are many types of such sanitary products. Universal faucets are equipped with a shower and a spout at the same time.

An additional drain set is installed on the sink. He is able to close the drain hole with a special lever. The bidet is equipped with a mixer that has a ball joint. With it, you can change the direction of the water jet, if necessary.

Varieties of faucets in design

Also, these products can be single-lever, two-valve or can be performed with a built-in thermostat. The easiest way to use the first. They also differ in an extremely simple installation option. Until a certain moment, two-valve mixers were the most popular. Even now they are often found, although in the mass market they are replaced by single-lever ones. They are characterized by great reliability. But at the same time, the usability is not as great as we would like.

A relatively new product on the market are thermostatic mixers. Such products are distinguished by the fact that they can automatically dilute water to the temperature that a person needs. They are the safest to use. But if you need to choose cleaning products for your home or car, we advise you to visit the site cleanhomeguide.com with reviews of the best products in this area.