Why do children lie and how to deal with it
Most often, the child begins to lie at about 3 years old, when he begins to realize that other people do not know how to read his thoughts. There are many reasons why a child can lie, it may be a desire to hide something in order to avoid punishment, a desire to check the reaction of adults, to attract attention, to embellish the story.
To overcome children's lies, parents need to follow certain rules and conditions. It is necessary to constantly tell the child that it is important to be honest, as this can bring a lot of inconvenience and awkward situations. The child should know that for honesty he will certainly be praised and not punished for recognizing a bad deed. The kid should not be afraid to upset his parents with his behavior, but rather know that in this way he will cause respect for himself.
Each child must go through a period when he will very actively embellish his stories, since this stage is an important moment for a full mental development. Such behavior of the child should not be considered a lie, but only the fruit of children's imagination and imagination. It is also important that parents help the child avoid lying in awkward situations.
Often a child begins to invent stories in order to exaggerate his achievements or to think out for himself invented qualities. Most often this occurs when the child has low self-esteem, in which case parents should praise the child more often, increasing their faith in themselves and their abilities.
With constant lies, the child needs to explain that such behavior is unacceptable and it significantly affects his relationship with others, because they will cease to trust him. After that, you need to ask the child to exclude the effects of situations that led to lies.
When the cause of childhood lies is the desire to attract attention, parents should think of other ways to devote time to the child. When a lie is aimed at getting any vesh or service, it is better to come up with the rules of reward for good behavior or evaluation.
In no case should the child be called offensive nicknames associated with his such behavior, since this will contribute to a significant underestimation of the baby's self-esteem. It is also important not to go over to the personality of the child, discussing and scolding exclusively his actions. It’s not difficult to wean a child from lying; the main thing is to be patient and follow important rules. pl.natashaescort.com