Kill all enemies and get inside, where you will find the daughter of the Russian president. When the soldiers pick her up, start moving forward.

After a while, you will reach a well-protected bridge. Find some safe place and shoot all the Russian soldiers. Pay special attention to enemies with rocket launchers.

When you clear the area, step onto the bridge and go to the railing on the left. Use the rope to go down and start killing enemies standing between you and the doors.

When you reach the door, go upstairs and place a few charges. After the explosion, the floor will collapse, and you will have a few seconds to kill all the enemies around the president.

When the president is safe, go to the small room behind your back. On the barrel you will find Intel # 43.

Follow your comrades, and when you get to a well-protected area, start killing enemies. If you wish, you can use a stationary machine gun, standing near the railing.

After a few seconds, two helicopters will arrive. Wait until the cut scene is over and start shooting at enemies in slow motion. Soon after, you will board a helicopter and the mission will end.

Dust to dust

When you leave the van, start moving forward and destroy the approaching enemies.

Start moving to the building and kill enemies with grenade launchers. When you get rid of them, enter the building, clear the area and go up.

When you reach the top of the stairs, turn around and head towards the bar in front. On the counter you will find Intel # 44.

Go back to the stairs and start walking to the elevator. As soon as you are inside, a helicopter attacks you. Use your machine gun to shoot it down.

After jump onto the second elevator. When he reaches the right floor, go out and shoot at opponents.

Enter the first room to your left. Here you will find the poker table and Intel # 45 lying on it.

Continue your way through the rooms. If you run out of ammo, it is best to use grenades.

At some point you will reach the bar. On the counter you will find Intel # 46 - this is the last. After a few steps, you will be attacked by a helicopter and a cutscene will begin.

When you regain control of your hero, begin to move forward to the designated point.

When you get to the helipad, start running forward and jump onto the helicopter. Now you have to press the buttons displayed on the screen. At the end, the helicopter will fall.

At the end, you will have to press the buttons displayed on the screen again. When you are done, the final scene will begin. 5 dollar minimum deposit casino