What is Webinar Software? A webinar is a combination of the words webinar and conference. Webinar is an online video presentation, usually live, audio-visual, or both, that runs on a website. It is usually moderated by someone other than the people who created the website. The idea behind webinars is to share information with an audience through the use of technology. It is best defined as an educational or promotional event, lecture, or session that's held online and viewed by an elite audience. Read on to learn more about Webinar Software.

Webinar Software

Webinar Software - What You Should Know

In the past, webinars were fairly simple affairs. Up until recently, webinar software was quite basic: you had your program to run the webinar, which recorded the webinar for you in a feed - much like a television show. Your webinar host provided all the functionality for displaying the webinar and allowing end-users to attend. All you did was collect your visitor's email address so you could contact them later with whatever information you wanted. I came to know about this via Webinar software link. Check it out if you want to know more about it.

As online events became more developed and sophisticated webinar software started to provide more in-depth functionality to help enhance and better support the online events. One of the first things that most webinar hosts started offering in their packages is "attendee follow-up programs". These follow-up programs allow the audience to easily track and receive updates about their attendance. Some programs also provide statistics and other statistics about how many people joined, how long they stayed, and what their demographics are. This is invaluable to businesses because it shows you what is working and what is not. This type of information can greatly influence how you market to your audience and how you grow your business.

Webinar Software - What Platforms Are Available

Demio is another webinar software solution that will allow you to stream live videos from anywhere on the internet. Demio works just like Adobe Flash, but instead of downloading the videos to your web browser, they are automatically downloaded to a mobile app for you to view on your mobile device. Demio can also be integrated into social networking sites as a sharing platform to help you share videos from anywhere and share your content with the world.

Many webinar platforms also offer live chat functions for marketers.

They have integrated web chat functionality into their platforms so that marketers can chat live with their clients, prospects, and customers while they are in the process of conducting a webinar. Some of these platforms even have chat polls for marketers to ask their customers, prospects and customers live questions. Polls can be set up through the live chat screen, which will allow you to collect customer responses and compare them with the demographic data from your site. You can then customize your poll based on the results and take any necessary corrective action.

Another way that you can customize registration pages and capture feedback is through the use of webinar dashboards. A dashboard gives you additional information about your webinar attendance. This information can include how many people joined, how long the webinar lasted, who participated, and how long the individual sessions were. Webinar dashboards can provide you with valuable insight into how to optimize your webinar sessions and maximize the time that you spend speaking to your audience.

Some webinar platforms also offer custom reminders. These notifications let you know when a new client or subscriber has enrolled via the webinar registration process. You can set up your reminders, which will pop up when your webinar registration period expires, automatically adding new attendees. This feature is highly useful, especially if you have multiple presenters at the same time. You can easily tell everyone in your conference who needs to log in and what the new date is so that everyone can log in and watch the webinar at the same time. Using polls, you can also track and manage survey responses and suggestions from survey takers.


A key aspect of webinar platforms for marketers is the ability to easily track your webinars. Webinars typically require participants to sign in and participate. It's hard to keep track of the exact numbers of people who've registered for your webinars, so webinar software offers integrated ways to track these attendees. Typically, these features allow you to see what percentage of your webinars are generating sales leads for you, how many subscribers you have, how many people are on your list, and what their overall opinion of your business is. This kind of information allows you to make informed decisions about what to do with your webinars and increase your return on investment. Hope this detailed explanation on Webinar Software helped!