Live quizzes serve a number of purposes in personal and professional settings. As more and more people discover the benefits of implementing this interactive feature, they’re more popular than ever in classrooms, boardrooms, and a variety of other businesses and formats.

When to use live quizzes

If you’re not sure if live quizzes are the right choice for your classroom, boardroom, event, or presentation, take a look at some of the exciting ways they can be used.


To test subject knowledge

It’s important to check in with your students–whether they’re children or adults in a training seminar–to ensure they’re really absorbing the lessons you’re teaching. One of the faster ways to test subject knowledge is sharing a live quiz with your students. They can vote via SMS or web polling, and their responses are collected in real-time. With this information on hand, you’ll be able to tell what they’re struggling with as well as what’s been adequately covered.

Once you’ve established the areas that need to be expanded on, another option is hosting a Live Q&A session. Your audience can ask their specific questions on topics, and you can answer in real-time.

To encourage competition

One of the most fun applications for live quizzes is encouraging some friendly competition between participants. With audience polling software like Swift by ExciteM, you can share real-time results on the leaderboard with participants to encourage them to do their best and beat their opponents!

To motivate participants

Another way live quiz results are useful is for motivating participants. If you tell your audience ahead of time that they’ll be quizzed on the information, they’re more likely to stay engaged and tuned in. If you’re not getting as many participants in your live quizzes as you’d like, a great way to motivate them is by offering prizes to top place participants, or even just to random participants! The prize could be something as simple as a piece of candy, but it’s enough to effectively boost participation rates.

As you can tell, live quizzes have a place in just about every meeting, teaching, learning, or sharing format. From encouraging audience participation to boosting subject knowledge, it’s time to try them for yourself!