About 30% of people on the planet have a passion for tobacco, enjoying it in a cigarette or cigar every day. But true tobacco lovers wouldn't mind trying something new anyway, such as Swedish chewing tobacco, which is very popular in America.

Snus is placed between the lip and gums. So he begins to dissolve and nicotine is in the body with the help of mucosa. In its own value, it is the original tobacco, which is supplemented with certain ingredients. It is not necessary to buy the best Swedish Snus in the USA. Those who have already enjoyed its mild aroma, buy Odens Cold Dry Snus.

Swedish tobacco online-store has been in deservedly high demand among consumers for over several centuries. Well, it turns out this is a great reason to try something new?

Comparing to cigarettes, Swedish Snus is bought because of a number of advantages it has:

  • More attractive taste;
  • No need to smoke, which has a negative effect on the lungs;
  • No yellowing on your teeth like a cigarette;
  • It can be dosed.
  • In addition, some people use Snus in order to quit smoking. This can be achieved by eliminating the habit of smoking. A person does not go on a smoke break, no longer carries a lighter, but can also get nicotine. Over time, this dose is reduced and so, over time, you can quit smoking at all. Most people say this method is very reliable, comparing it with other methods available.

    Snus is an aristocratic tobacco and its use has ancient Swedish traditions. It is sold in special branded packages, which, like tobacco aroma, are very refined and expressive.

    It is packaged in a bag, like a tea bag, and can be unpackaged. Portioned with a mass of 0.4-2 grams. Loose is comfortable due to the fact that you can take any portion of it and do not depend on the factory packaging.