Winter hair care

With the onset of winter, everything changes in nature. This happens not only in her, but also in man. Basically, these changes are negative, since cold and frost have a bad effect on our appearance. The skin becomes dry, cracks appear, brittle and dull hair. Here are some guidelines to help strengthen and revitalize your hair.

The main issue that bothers almost everyone is hair loss. In the winter, this process intensifies, but one cannot ignore it, but it is better to try to prevent it. To get started, purchase the entire hair care line from one manufacturer. They perfectly complement each other and in complex application will give a positive result. It is also recommended to make hair masks 2-3 times a week, which will include burdock and castor oils. You can get rid of secant ends with coconut oil. Its price is quite significant, but justified by the result. Additionally, you can use special serums to strengthen and stimulate the growth of hair follicles. Proper acupressure will enhance blood circulation, which in turn stimulates rapid hair growth.

Another important issue is the electrification of hair. Her appearance is provoked by upper hats and dry air in heated rooms. Only special antistatic sprays can help here, as well as similar shampoos and hair balms. Do not forget to ventilate and humidify the air in the room.

With standard daily hair care, you can also make quite a few mistakes. One of them is the too high temperature of the water when washing your hair. This will very badly affect the appearance of the hair. Further drying is better than natural, but if you constantly use a hairdryer, then only with cold air. The use of styling products should also be reduced. With them, the hair does not breathe at all, and the styling is wrinkled and loses its shape and naturalness. It is better to use silicone and wooden combs for combing.

Headgear is preferably made of natural fabric. Avoid materials that do not allow air to pass through. In the best case, hide the entire hair under a hat, regardless of length, thereby protecting them from hypothermia and brittleness in the future.

It is impossible not to say about vitamins. In winter, their deficiency in the body increases, therefore, it is recommended to take special vitamin complexes that will help make up for their deficiency and provide the hair with a healthy appearance. Caring for hair in this frosty and cold winter period will help to avoid significant undesirable consequences in the future. casino låg insättning