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2022 marks our 28th year of publication. LATINA Style Magazine is the most influential publication reaching the contemporary Hispanic woman.

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Launched in 1998, the LATINA Style Business Series is the most successful business development program for Latina Business owners in the nation. The Series has visited 140 cities with over 40,000 women participating in the program. The Series emphasis is in creating a solid business foundation that will allow Latinas to take their business to the next level.

To highlight, promote and bring recognition to the professional Latinas in corporate America and to provide a valuable reference tool for Latinas.
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Since 2004 the National LATINA Symposium is a one-day event that takes place on September in Washington, DC. Latinas from coast to coast convene to address the most pressing issue affecting their daily lives. The highlight of the National LATINA Symposium is the Distinguished Military Service Awards Luncheon honoring Latinas serving in the Armed Forces.


2023 marks our 29th year of publication. LATINA Style Magazine is the most influential publication reaching the contemporary Hispanic professional working woman. LATINA Style broke new ground in 1994 by launching the first national magazine dedicated to the needs and concerns of the contemporary Latina professional working woman and the Latina business owner in the United States. With readership of nearly 600,000, LATINA Style reaches both the seasoned professional and the young Latina entering the workforce for the first time. The culturally sensitive editorial environment we provide showcases Latina achievements in all areas, including business, science, civic affairs, education, entertainment, sports, and the arts. We also offer technology tips and reviews, entertainment reviews, travel recommendations, investment guidance, beauty tips, food and drink recipes, automotive updates, and career advice—in summary, all of the things that impact the quality of life.

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